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Originally Posted by Devkyu View Post
Sadly I missed out on everything before Skit #3, so I can't comment on how that was run, but I enjoyed the rest of it. The intermission was absolutely great! Also, it seemed the awards flowed much more efficiently this year than previous ones (and I like how the photos were shown on the screen for the winning costumes).

My only real comment would be maybe varying the placement of the skits? I'm not sure if it was for technical reasons or not, but it seemed all of the ballet skits were placed VERY close to each other, so maybe moving skits around next year so very similar performances aren't essentially back-to-back?
We were actually allowed to pick whatever spot we wanted when we checked in. It just so happened that the ballet skits all chose skit numbers close to each other. ^^,

From my prospective though, the staff and judges were extremely helpful, organized, and just overall awesome. Everything ran smoothly, and the staff and even other cosplayers went out of their way to help us whenever possible. We broke a guitar string right before our performance and couldn't get the pin out to replace it. The staff and even some cosplayers from another skit immediately came over to help us. Everyone was just so supportive of each other. It was wonderful! We had a blast back stage with everyone!
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