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Name of Commissioner: / Barbara Staples

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Makoto from Blazblue. Full costume.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Not available

Timeline (how long your order took to process): November of 2011 - June of 2012

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.:
PROS: Quick response during the month of November. It arrived just a few days after the deadline.
CONS: After paying the lump sum of the costume at the end of November, she stopped responding to me. The parts looked either rushed through or lazy attempt.
COMMENTS: At the end of November, I paid $483.00 all at once and our conversations came to a sudden halt right after. I called and left numerous voice mails and she never responded back. Also, when paying and agreeing to terms, her website suppose to keep a progress report of work and I never received any information on that. I admit, I started to worry after months went by and I heard nothing from here, therefore my last email was asking for a refund. Several weeks went by and I then filed a BBB report. She responded through BBB and finally gave me the information for the website that holds a progress report of my costume... and it wasn't even near completed. I tried keeping up contact with her and she once more stopped responding, which lead me into filing a report with Chicago's attorney general. She finished the costume by the agreed date of June, but the outfit looked so horrible I trashed it. I'll give her this; the outside of the clothes looked wonderful, but the insides were terrible. The boots were made of some type of rubber boots that had a sawed off top that rubbed against my ankles and cut my skin. The golden tips had dents and scratch marks. The stockings were perfect. The skirt was good, but the golden buckles were made of some type of paint that easily rubbed off and the sewing of the buckles and straps came undone the moment I tried to put it on... I had to resew it. The top was a few inches too short and the buttons on the front were made of the same paint which rubbed off onto the top and couldn't be scrub off without messing up the top's material. The stitching for the zipper in the front was also bad and had to be redone. The gloves were given a nice padding, but when I put the gloves on, the stitching that kept the padding on came undone and had to be redone and the finger holes themselves were too tight to put on. The finger lengths were also different lengths. The whole outfit in itself was 3 shades of orange as well. The shoes were a darker shade and shiny material, the skirt was the lightest orange and while the inside of top had a cotton material, the skirt did not and stuck to my skin the moment I stood at the window in the sun while trying the suit on. While I think I spaced out the timing of contacting BBB and the attorney general, she has sent me a lettering saying I harassed and attacked her. She also tried to say she only made the outfit based on the measurements I gave her... yet when I saw how horrible the suit was, I trashed it and sent the same measurements to another and it fit me exactly and for even less than half price. I advise no one to do business with her.

Final Grade: F -
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