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So I've decided to give Melissa a bit of break and break my silence on Coscom. I figured it was about time anyway, so please be gentle so it doesn't hurt.

With that said, I've checked in here and there over the years, and the feedback has been very much appreciated.

In regards to the back to back skits:
I guess if there's ever a time that "you never stop learning" applies, I think it's this one. After 9 years of doing this, I have either been fortunate (or oblivious admittedly) to stacking very similiar skits in terms of content. It happened one year with a bunch of Naruto skits, and I even programmed something in my management system to tell me when that was going to happen. Looks like I'll be doing it again.

There's a number of factors we consider in placing a skit, but a lot of it comes down to where a group is comfortable. Skits check in out of order, and we assign numbers out of order to determine the placement in the show and to give participants preference, as mentioned prior. The trouble tends to start when we start getting an influx of check-ins that prefer right in the middle.

So in the end, I'll say it wasn't deliberate, which I think most of you trust it wasn't anyway. I think some back to back same-genre placements are going to be inevitable by virtue of remaining slots, the variety of skits we ultimately have, wind speed, barometer, etc. etc.

It's something that I can try to put myself in a position to keep an eye on better, and even if it's not perfect in practice next year, it sounds like any improvement will make a difference.

Thanks to all our participants and everyone for the support our events.
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