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We're going to go ahead and do these on August 13-14, so this is a 2-week notice for username changes. I'll have a more official announcement up tomorrow.

It's fine to send the requests in now, Aug 13-14 are just the dates we'll be doing the actual name changes.

But, if you would like a username change, please do the following:

Send your request to account named UsernameChange (no spaces)

Clicking the link above will auto-fill it for you.

In the subject, put "Username Change Request" and in the body of the message, make sure you put the username you'd like it changed to.

Username requests are first come first served, so if someone else requests the same username, it will go to the first person who PM'ed.

Please be sure to check that a username is not already registered, using the Search bar up top. Also, you can put a few choices in the PM if you're afraid something might get snapped up before you send your PM - just make sure to note which one is your preferred new name.

We typically get 250+ requests whenever we do this, so please be patient and allow the person doing the changes to complete everything.

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