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Originally Posted by Litwolf View Post
Emerald_Star > Then it wasn't made clear at all. Of course, I wasn't there, all I have is the knowledge from my friend. She said that she stopped by the office at some point after the contest and asked if she really had to go to the Masquerade. Whoever she talked to must have checked the list of winners because she was told that yes she had to be there. She said the person she talked to was hinting very very very strongly that it was because she had won something, and she was told point blank to go to the Masquerade.

And while she enjoyed hanging out with the other costume contest people and receiving the award on stage, she was really bored. She would have been thrilled to just swing by the office to get her prizes, which she did to get the stuff that wasn't given to her at the Masquerade.

At least now we'll know the rules for future contests. But just a tip: make it clear that the Masquerade isn't a requirement, and please don't have staff say so. Thanks!
That was actually me, and I know who your friend is now. I said I highly recommended she be there (she had one of the highest scores in the entire contest) and told her that if she couldn't make the whole thing, the awards would start around 9, but I didn't say it was required.
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