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In general, I think the competition was really well run. Not a lot of waiting around, I knew where to be and when, so that was all wonderful. In terms of the judging, I was less impressed. I went to the feedback session, but barely got any information out of it. I was told a lot of what was good, but the judges had a hard time telling me how to improve, even when I asked specific questions. As a first timer, it's kind of frustrating not being sure how to improve my work for next time.

For the future, I would love to see a scoring rubric before and/or after the competition. It would be great to see where the points go beforehand to better focus my work. Afterwards, it would be really helpful to see what areas need the most improvement. I would also love to see a more diverse judging panel.

All in all, great job on keeping everything running so smoothly. A huge thank you to the coordinators and the judges for your time and attention to everything.
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