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I really should do that. xD But I never know what I'm going to do until someone throws something at me. Plus we don't really have any good fabric stores up in Hawaii~ It must be awesome being a 'villain' xD That'd be fun to see.

Oh, I have some random questions since I'll be leaving to go back to Hawaii soon I want to get started on my Rogue. Ayaasan, since you suggested spandex for it, I'm going to assume spandex for the pants only? What should I use for the top, and should I make it semi-shiny or not?

And~ Wig for my friend who is going to be Phoenix, she's darker skinned so what color wig would go well do you all think? A darker sort of Iron Man 2 Black widow color, or a more vibrant orange-y color. I know Jean has sort of a pumpkin orange hair but I wanna make sure it still looks good on her. Hint of a curl, obvious curl, or no curl?
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