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Okay. I'll look into leggings. That'll also save me some pain in trying to figure out pants. And since the gloves will match it'll be better. So my focus would be on the top then.

I'll keep those tips in mind, and hopefully better understand them when I get right down to it. xD I'd like to spend most of this semester working on it so that if I mess up I have plenty of time to work on it. I wasn't looking for a super shiny, I'm not partial to it myself, but I know some images of Rogue give it a hint of a shine but I guess that could be the same for most spandex, skin tight costumes. xD I'm gonna save that so I don't lose it later.

Okay, I know both my Ginny wig and Nami wig are pumpkin so I'll have her try one of those on and see how it looks on her and whether she prefers a darker one or not.

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