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Thank you for sharing ;3; your Asuka is pretty, really. No matter how big a cosplayer, I always adore them when their cosplay is good and well-done.

I totally understand the feeling of being ashamed of our own body. I stopped cosplaying seriously for some years because due to an accident, i had to stay on bed for some months and gained weight about...7 - 10 kilos...
But I think i have to do something about it. I can,t whine all day about my body. I cosplayed again about a month ago (currently I was 5,8' and about 154 pounds) and got the best costume award in the local competition ;A;. I get the conclusion that, no matter how big I am, as long as I can find the most suitable costume, and I worked on it well, the result is as good as the skinny cosplayer ;3;b
Well... but I still want to lost weight tho, at least 30 pounds more so I can cosplay more characters (like Gaara and Aanf xD)

My last cosplay, If you want to see
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