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Originally Posted by ChilmarkGryphon View Post
This, especially the last part. Being judged on your non-fabric costume by a group of talented seamstresses = feels bad, man. I was talking with a few other people whose costumes were primarily armor-y backstage after Masquerade walk-ons, and there was a general sentiment of having shown up at the wrong competition.
Seconded on this^. My judging session was comfortable but there was something not quite right. How do I put it...It felt awkward. Yes, I think that is the best word to describe it. It seemed as if after asked how the costume was made, going into detail about things that weren't about cloth or sewing kind of... put them off somehow... I don't know but it felt as if the judges couldn't properly judge armory type of costumes simply because they themselves didn't know much about it. Don't get me wrong, the judges are brilliant and know a whole lot more than I do in general but the simple fact that this year's judges seem to only know a lot about sewing saddens me. I'm pretty sure that there was a lot of talented armor-type costumes entered and for them not to get a proper score just simply because there wasn't anyone who could appreciate it from a judging standpoint... It just seems...unfair almost. I think what we really need is more varied judges. Not only people who know how to sew very well but also people who know the processes behind armor making. The armor costume making process in it's self is extremely different from the cloth costume process and as such cannot be judged under the same eyes.

So please consider admitting more judges who excel in different areas, not just sewing.

I am sorry if anything I said has offended anyone.
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