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I felt things ran pretty smoothly for the most part. Checking in was quick, and the wait for judging wasn't too long, either. For those wishing for more feedback, I know AWA has a score card method - the judges grade you and after you walk on you have the option of reviewing their scores in different areas and they offer tips/recommendations on where you can improve. Honestly though, this can also lead to hurt feelings - I know I ended up not looking at mine the last time I competed there. :|

One thing you have to remember when going into competition is that judging is subjective and when it gets down to the nitty gritty and having to pick between two people who are very good can often become opinionated - two people may not agree on which is more deserving. It doesn't mean you have a bad costume. For the person who made the comment about the armor-based costumes, I honestly feel judges who specialize more in sewing can be more impressed by props and armor than seeing other costumes done with mostly sewing techniques. I don't necessarily know the areas of expertise of each judge, and nor would I assume anything based on what they were wearing. Not to mention when judging, it's best NOT to wear armor or have props because you need to be able to move around and inspect costumes. Also, one of the best armor/propmasters I know is a girl, so I wouldn't assume based on gender, either.

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