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NorthEast Cosplayers Picnic in Philly, Oct 25th, Ridley Creek State Park

It has been decided upon!

The second picnic in Philly will be Saturday, October 25th, 11AM-6PM
It's being held in Picnic Area 17 of Ridley Creek State Park, about 20 mins in the suburbs of Philadelphia (it's so big, it's in three townships ^^; )
The area features...
-A picnic table pavilion (roof over our heads!)
-Ample parking space
-Playground elements (swings and slide, wee!)
-Direct access to the trail that leads to the creek (waterside pictures?)
and most importantly, what every picnic area in the park has...
-On-site restrooms
There are also vending machines, but we'll have our own stuff so that's not an important factor >.>

For more information on the park, including a map of it, visit the PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources' website:

From Philadelphia: Get to PA-3, West Chester Pike, however you would usually do, and go West down it until you reach PA-252, and turn left. You will see a sign for Ridley Creek State park once you reach Gradyville Road. Turn right. Once you pass Providence Rd, you will be in the park. When you see the sign for Areas 8-17, turn left. Follow the signs until you come to Area 17. Park, and relax

From the southern part of the Blue Route/476 (Media-Chester): Take the Blue Route up to the Rt 1 Exit. Take Rt 1 towards Lima (West) until the 252 exit, where you will see a sign for the park. Exit and head North (right) on 252. After Rose Tree Park you'll see another sign for the park; turn Left there on to Providence Road. Continue until Gradyville Road, and turn left. You'll be in the park now, so look for the signs and follow em

From the NJ/PA Turnpike: Exit on to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-276 (It's exit 6, I believe). Stay on that for a while, until the exit for I-476 South. Be careful, it's a sorta tricky exit! You need to make sure to get the left lane of the exit, or you head north. If you miss it, don't worry, take the Norristown exit, and there will be a turnoff for 476 on the ramp. The toll, if you came from the NJ turnpike, will be $1.65. Continue down 476 until the exit for PA-3, Upper Darby / Broomall. Exit off and stay to your right on the ramp. Continue using the From Philly directions.

From I-95 in Delaware, Maryland, etc: Exit onto PA-452 NORTH, Exit 2 I believe. Stay on 452 until you come to the intersection with PA-352 / Middletown Rd and turn left. Stay on 352 until you hit Gradyville Rd, where you'll turn right. Same deal as before, once you see the sign, turn into the park, and follow the signs!

From North Jersey: Take I-287 South until the exit for US-202 South. Get on 202 and stay on it the long way to PA. There is a $1 toll when crossing the Delaware River. Continue on 202 in PA. Be careful, it changes roads a few times. Once you reach the expressway part of 202, stay on it til the end, and exit on to PA-611, Easton Rd, South. Continue on 611 until the PA Turnpike. Exit onto PA Turnpike, and head West towards Harrisburg. Continue using From NJ Turnpike directions. The toll will only be $0.60.

From Collegeville area (since we have a few people from up there...): Get on PA-422 and take it East. Take it all the way to the 202 interesection, and get on 202 West towards West Chester. Exit onto 252 South towards Paoli. Stay on 252 for a long while, past Rt. 3. Refer to From Philly directions.

From Lancaster area: Take Rt 30 East until you reach PA-322, where you'll exit South/East. Stay on it til 202, take 202 south for a bit, then exit onto Rt 3 and head East. Turn Right onto PA-352, just after the Market Place shopping center. Stay on 352 until you reach Gradyville Rd, and turn Left. Follow similar directions once inside the park.

From Philadelphia
Get to the 69th St. Terminal however you normally would. From there, take the 104 Bus (to West Chester). Along West Chester Pike, you will see a sign on the left side of the road for the park. Get off at the next stop; you will be directly across WCP from main park entrance. CAUTIOUSLY cross WCP, and there will be car transport for you to take you to the picnic area >.>

From New York
Take Jersey Transit's Northeastern line to Trenton, NJ. From there, take the SEPTA Regional Rail R7 train to 30th Street Station. Walk a lil bit to the 30th & Market subway station, and get on the Market-Frankford (Blue) Line subway, and take it to the 69th Street Terminal. Follow same directions as From Philly.

NOTE: You PT guys should try and coordinate to meet up at 69ST and take the same bus to the park. That way, you're all there at the same time, and we who are driving you to the picnic site don't have to make repeated trips =P Also, if you are taking public transportation, please note so in the poll. ...Uh... once I figure out how to get the poll up in this thread :X

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