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Show me your Ban-Kai! [Bleach 2012]


Welcome one and all, to the Bleach 2012 photoshoot/event gathering thread! If the title and big red letters haven't made it blatantly clear yet, this is a thread for discussing all Bleach-related events taking place at A-USA 2012.
With roughly 3 months to go, I figured it was time to start setting things up, and getting times and days figured out for the majority of you Bleachers.

As this IS a new location, determining a specific area will be a little tricky, so I propose we choose a generic location for meeting up, and then proceed to move to a more photogenic area for the actual shoot. Alternatively, if anyone has past knowledge of this convention center and knows of a great spot to meet at, feel free to provide directions to the area and I'll do my best to convey those directions on this post.

To break this down quickly, I'll keep track of who's cosplaying who on the first post, as well as the times and locations for the shoots, and the second post will list any additional events such as Lunch/Dinner meetups, Late night drinking get togethers, and more personalized photoshoots.

Photoshoot Time/Locations
5PM - Meet up at Hotel Main Lobby
3PM - Meet up at Hotel Main Lobby

At about 15 after, the group of Bleach cosplayers will move from the Main Hotel Lobby to a proper location for the shoot.

Cosplayer List
NatureMade - Full Hornmask Shirosaki
BlackRoseHunter - Yoruichi [Black Outfit]
Debitto_of_bond - MAYBE Stark [Los Lobos Form] + ???
SeleneHino - Fem!Final Bankai Ichigo + Tatsuki
Pineappaloozas - Rukia Kuchiki
Umichan40 - possibly Young Nel
Simpbass - Some form of Byakuya Kuchiki or Kaien
Haruharumi - Yoruichi [Karakura High Form]

And that about wraps things up for now. So let's hear who's coming, who you plan on coming as, and what day and time you wanna have the shoots.
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