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Smile Hello from Ontario

Hey there! Name's brekks, short for brekkers, from Ontario Canada.
Been cosplaying for a few years now, decided to make a profile to keep all my cosplay stuff in one place.
I also joined to meet new people, especially those who attend cons in Southern Ontario, such as Anime North or Fanexpo in Toronto. I always love meeting new people, especially at cons!

My cosplays are kind of...varied. Usually if I see a neat looking character, or even prop, I'll try and make it! Actually, a few of my cosplays started because I saw a cool looking prop that I wanted to make, made it, then decided "Ah heck, let's go the whole ten yards" and ended up making the whole costume. :P

Anyways, hello and all that! Feel free to PM me, if you'd like.
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