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It's not just a furniture store, they sell everything! Bookshelves and couches and beds and lighting fixtures and candles and potted plants and stuffed animals and plates and cutlery and tupperware and ovens and everything ever. All of their items have a sign next to them, identifying them by their Scandinavian product names. For instance, my end tables are called Lack, the bookshelf is a Besta, and the cube series is an Expedit. Half of the fun is seeing what everything is called.

Ikea is also set up so that the walkway through the displays takes you back and forth and back and forth. The store is so huge their walkway is actually has arrows so you remember which way you came from. They have big sections of rooms set up so you can see how all the products look together. For instance, they might do a bedroom, and all the things you see in it are available in the store. So if you really like how a bedside table looks with a bed, you could get them both.
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Re:bedroom stuff

In my old house I grew up in across from my grandmothers I pained a huge mural of an angel with her hair down and face concealed on the wall behind my door.

Then 6 years later the house sold and they had painted over all the walls some ugly ass beige color.
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