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Originally Posted by Aniketosen View Post
For those of you who have gone before, I was hoping I could ask about peace bonding. The weapons policy seems pretty strict. I made hidden blades out of paper - not very tough, but they are spring-loaded with rubber bands. After showing them to con ops, I was allowed to wear them at Fanime, but would they be acceptable at Anime Boston?
I would be very sceptical of your blades being allowed. It's the spring-loading that does it- they don't like projectiles at all at AB. You can always go on the con forums and ask for a staff member's definitive opinion, though, which I would recommend.

As for myself?
I've got a number of cosplays on my plate.
Mutou Yuugi and Malik Ishtar from YuGiOh, and I'll have a Yami Yuugi and Yami Bakura with me respectively.
Also Issun-boshi from Okami, with an Ammy gijinka.
And Professor Raine Sage in her Glam Beauty costume, from Tales Of Symphonia, with a noble Symphonia group at the formal dance.
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