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All of the people who were competing and who were not competing were amazing and helpful. Everyone was so encouraging to one-another and it was probably one of the best competition atmospheres I have ever seen.
That is wonderful to hear and I absolutely cannot take credit for a single ounce of it. We do our best to make sure everyone is comfortable, but it's our participants that have really made that backstage atmosphere something great, and it's become even more prevalent as the years have gone by. You all really respresent something amazing.

Originally Posted by Asako021 View Post
It was merely just coincidence about the ballet skits being close to one-another. My sis picked skit 18--since she wanted to end up in a half-way point of the masquerade. It seems that the other dancers had the same idea. Haha. Though it might have irked some of the audiences members all of the dancers very much enjoyed performing in close proximity of one-another. My sister was able to share her rosin with the rest of the dancers before they went on that stage--which was quite slippery if you were wearing pointe shoes.
Good to hear the coincidence worked out. The traction issue has come up a couple times this year, so we're going to be looking into what we can do to improve it. Marley has come up a couple times in conversations, but I've also been told we may have to downsize the stage in the process (which I'm not a fan of). Rosin is definitely going on my shopping list though.
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