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Originally Posted by Aurora Maryte View Post
So I'm not 100% sure I can attend Dragon Con yet- damn law school- but if I do, I want to wear the Thor lolita costume I just made to the photoshoot. Is that allowed? There are so many rules for the gathering/photoshoot that I'm not sure.
And another question I have, after seeing one of the posts on this page- do we have to sign up or something ahead of time to be a part of this, or do we just come to the photoshoot at the designated time like we would at any other convention?...

Yes, your Thor Lolita is allowed. (The only costumes not allowed are store-bought Rubies, Halloween Express, Legs Ave, etc. costumes.)

You would be with the Thor sub-group from 4:00-4:45, and since this is a custom fan-made creation of yours, you would simply be with the non-canon group when we split up into 2 large groups from 4:45-5:30.

Finally, I'd really prefer that everyone sign up online; it makes it a LOT easier for me to plan step assignments and photographer/director assignments ahead of time. However, everyone is welcome - whether they sign up ahead of time or not.
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