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To explain, we take order's as they come, and they are lined up by order of who paid first.
I was dealing with two other commissions that constantly kept changing their mind and making me start my work completely over, and there was nothing I could do about it because I did not have a contract (I have since then revised my rules that way I do not get caught up in another avalanche again). Since they continued to push back my due dates month by month I was falling incredibly far behind, had to cancel a lot of orders and also stuck in between moving to a new apartment as well. I tried telling the original buyers that started the fall that I would just send their money back that way I could start on other costumes, but they absolutely refused and wanted me to keep working. I am sorry that I had to cancel your order, but I did refund you entirely.
As I said I have since changed a contract to prevent people from doing this to me again.
Sorry again!

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