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Originally Posted by Coatimundi View Post
The name of the greatcoat you’re looking for is 'Shinel'. As you have discovered, and I can confirm, finding sewing patterns for WWII uniforms is nigh impossible, the few people in possession of them tend to keep them to themselves, knowing they can get good money selling them to companies that manufacture uniforms for reenactors. However, as this is a cosplay rather than a reenacting impression you’re working on, I think a basic greatcoat pattern will do, you’ll just need to modify it a bit. Fortunately, the Soviets were fans of basic utilitarian clothing, and thus the shinel has a rather bland look not that different from most other greatcoats; finding a basic pattern similar to it should not prove too difficult. Try not to get too caught up in small details like single or double seamed sleeves, or covered or exposed buttons when looking for a pattern. Also, you might want to look in a thrift store for a greatcoat you can simply modify.
Ah, I see. Thanks! :3
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