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Originally Posted by Lupe Garu View Post
I'm going to be attending my first con this fall (Nebraskon) and I plan on going as Gamzee/Sober Gamzee. The only thing I'm stuck on is the pants T.T I don't know if I should go with black jeans or sweat pants. And what would be the easiest way to get the poka dots? And for sober Gamzee the blood of the other trolls... What is the best way to make troll blood?
Otherwise my list is this: Ben Nye white and grey aqua paint, black tooth color, sealer spray, shirt, pants, wig cap liner, and wig. I have purple chucks and the horns (that my lovely little sister is making for me) and as far as the eyes go I will probably wear regular contacts (unless I get the money and can find a pair of perscription colored contacts I can afford) Is there anything I'm missing?
well, he wears clown pants. so your best bet is getting the baggiest pair of black sweatpants you can find, and just painting the dots on. I've seen people cut out a circle from cardstock and use it as a stencil so all the dots are even.

For blood, I feel like the cheapest & easiest way is buying small bottles of acrylic paint in the colors and squirting it on your clothes/hands/etc, but that stuff is impossible to get off.

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