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Age: 14
Name: Uriel (but allmy anime friends call me Jabber)
Skin Color(It doesnt matter, you dont have to answer this but it helps if somebody wants you to be color specific): I'm mixed, so my skin color is normally described as olive.
I Cosplay: I change my ideas often. I normally get a series I love and get a character from it, so series I cosplay are Death Note, Hunter X Hunter, Kuroshitsuji, Homestuck, and others.
Any Cosplays i plan on doing? In the future, I wish to cosplay a Yuki Kaori character (that dream will never be met). In general, I want to join some groups.
My Next Cosplay i will be working on: I'm currently working on a Mello (Death Note), Matt (Death Note), Prince Soma (Kuroshitsuji), Terezi (Homestuck). I'm also half working on Bikky (FAKE).
Do I Crossplay?: ...Mostly.
State: New York
City: NYC, but I mostly go to cons in NJ and PA.
If you have an account on any other cosplay/ Sites, put the links here: (my actual facebook and cosplay one are merged.)
Any Comments On the sites?:
I love group cosplay. I looooooove it. If you're trying to get a group going anywhere in the area, I'll be there.
Upcoming cons? I go to NYCC, Zenkaikon, and AnimeNEXT. I want to go to Otakon, but damn are tickets expensive.

Cosplays: Brock (Pokemon) 95%, L (Death Note) 100%, Kurapica (Hunter X Hunter) 100%, Bikky (FAKE) 40%, Count D (Pet Shop Of Horrors) 70% Dave Strider (Homestuck) 95%
New York Comic Con 2012:
Friday: Sober! Gamzee Makara (Homestuck) 80%
Saturday: Mituna Captor (Homestuck) 80%
Sunday: Mituna Captor (Homestuck) 80%
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