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Name of merchant: muchbuy-com
Item purchased: New Fashion Long Orange wig
Photos of item: Here is the seller's photo: em45ffe9913f and here photos of what I got: wig
Time it took: one week
Experience: this wig is just awful! I thought since this seller had a high seller feedback of positives I'd give them a shot. From the photos of what I got, there so many things wrong. First off the wig cap is loosely sewed to the hair,there's lots of empty spots,wig cap has a big hole right inside it,it started shedding the moment I opened the bag. What's worst is that at first this wig was $5 when I first bought it but the seller up the price to $55 and I had to pay $50 just so I'd get the wig. This wig ain't worth the $55 I spent on it. This seller has some other colors of this wig but I strongly advise you not to buy any of them! I'm right now seeking my money back for it but they argue that it's my problem and there's no defects on it. Look at those picture I'm pretty sure a full wig not suppose have a big hole in it,ripping on the ends of the wig cap,and shedding everywhere. Also you can creaky see the stitching of this wig on the top. I'd have to wear a hat just to cover up the awful things with this wig...if it stops shedding

Final Grade: F

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