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Good Anime to watch that has ended?

I'm far behind in the watching animes since I'm a video game nerd. I've only watched DBZ,Bleach,Naruto,inuyasha,FMA,Sailor Moon,Yugioh,Reboot,Transformers,astro boy,and Thundercats 100% from 1st episode to the last episode. I'm behind on Naruto,FMA,DBZ, and Yugioh Sequels cause they are kinda boring or are not done yet.

Anyone can suggest a Anime that has finished that kinda fits with the ones I've seen before?

Anything with Ninjas,Ghosts,Demons,Tranforming,Card Battles,Saving the day,Humor, or Robots are what I like. High school love dramas are ok as long as one of the lovers DIES. Lol!

Working on
Tsunade (Naruto)

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