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Name: Ashley

Skin Color: check my avatar lol

Last Cosplays: Meredy(Tales of Eternia), Madoka Kaname(PMMM),Mayuri
Sheena(Steins;Gate), and Little Riding Hood Miku (Vocaloid/Projct Diva)

Upcoming Cosplays: Goddess Madoka(PMMM), Inori black and also her red
Outfit(Guilty Crown),SF-A2 Miki(Vocaloid), and re doing Meredy

Future (hopeful) Cosplays: Champion(Pokemon B&W2), Yuzuki Yukari (Vocaloid3))
Merli(Vocaloid 3), Ranka Lee Movie Verison(Macross Frontier: Good Bye my Wings)

Do I Crossplay: I've never done it but wouldn't mind doing it though. I've
actually considered cross playing Yusei Fudo from Yugioh 5Ds

State: Virginia

City: VA Beach

Other Accounts:

Upcoming cons: This year Nekocon 15 and some other cons in VA
next year.
Upcoming Conventions


Definite 2013 Cosplays

Meredy - Tales of Eternia
School Uniform Madoka - PMMM
Magical Girl Ranka Lee - Macross Frontier Sayonara no Tsubasa

Possible 2013 Cosplays

Champion Iris - Pokemon B&W2
Yuzuki Yukari - Vocaloid 3
Serah Farron - FF13
Elize - Tales of Xillia
Magical Girl Madoka - PMMM

Cosplay/Anime Facebook
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