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Name: Bonnie

Skin Color(It doesnt matter, you dont have to answer this but it helps if somebody wants you to be color specific): White, but I tan easily.

I Cosplay: Yazoo, Marluxia, Lucy Saxon, Sakura(Naruto).

Any Cosplays i plan on doing: Felix(Golden Sun), Envy, Ellis(L4D2), Tai(digimon).

My Next Cosplay i will be working on: Envy + Felix

Do I Crossplay? Yes

State: Kansas

City: Manhattan

Upcoming cons? Otakon '13.
Upcoming Cosplays:
  • Envy(fma): 50%
  • Felix(golden sun): 25%
  • Demyx(kh): 50%
  • Saix(kh): 25%
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