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Dishonored - Corvo's Folding Sword

Hey there guys and gals, I'm having real trouble with a sword prop.
This below is what I'm trying to make:

Easy right?,,,, no XP

The blade fits into the handle, through what ever mechanism, notice the angled line down the blade,, that is where it collapses to be able to fit in the handle.

I want to be able to flip it, or press a button and the blade pops out.
I've tried everything I can think of from springs to hinges and pivots but nothing seems to work.

Here is a video at about 2:15 he starts unfolding the blade,,, but it fades to black so you can't see how it works D=

If anyone has any ideas,, or any other pictures or information of how this sword might be physically possible please get in contact with me, many thanks


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