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Originally Posted by threestories View Post
My friend that is cosplaying Ruby to my Emma and I are both REALLY late eaters, too - 5:30PM is super early for dinner for us, so we may just hang out and go say hi to everyone, take pictures, THEN go eat I am hoping we have firmer plans soon, because it's all rather vague right now, but I want to meet all y'all!!
I agree, I would like firmer plans. I think we need a Plan B for the people who don't want to go to the dinner (or can't) but still want photos with everyone.

Perhaps we can come up with a dedicated time and place to meet up and then the rest of the group can meet us when they're done eating? For instance, what if the non-dinner people just gather near the High Velocity bar at the Marriott around 7? That gives the dinner people enough time to maybe start finishing up (because I know how hard it is to get big groups of people organized for meals, so they'll need some time) and then at least we'll all be in the same spot?

I'm thinking to the left of the bar entrance (if you're facing it) where there is a wall of like wine racks behind glass. It's off to the side enough that we shouldn't be bothering anyone.

Thoughts? Feelings? I just really don't want to miss the gathering.

P.S. I'm gonna post about this idea over on the FB community, too...


OK, there seems to be a positive response over on FB from the people who don't know if they can make the dinner. So it looks like we're going to shoot for 7 outside of High Velocity, and the dinner people can make their way over there after the meal and then we can ALL meet up. Sound good?

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