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Originally Posted by polkabunny View Post
Hi! I'll be going as 2P fem!prussia
does anyone have tumblr? I made one called nycchetalia in hopes of getting a meet-up going ! maybe someone would like to be an admin ? I literally just made it today before i found this thread
I've yet to meet a 2P!FemPrussia cosplayer! I'll be looking forward to that~
I don't have a tumblr (yet), but my sis does. I'll direct her to your page. :3 And that's fine! I've been hoping to get a meet-up going, too, but so far nobody's commented on any suggestions on that topic. I know there was one last year on Saturday that was held near the entrance, and it was run by the admins of the NYC Hetalia Day. I haven't heard anything about if they'll be running another one this year, however.
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