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Age: 19
Name: Melissa
I Cosplay: Katniss (The Hunger Games), Korra (Legend of Korra, season two), Oki (Okami), Tifa (FFVII: Advent Children), Holo (Spice & Wolf), custom Mandalorian (Star Wars)
Any Cosplays I plan on doing?: Tear (Tales of the Abyss), Shiek (Legend of Zelda), would very much like to try armored Aqua from KH: Birth By Sleep
My Next Cosplay I will be working on: After I finish my Mandalorian armor, I will probably be taking a break from making things for a while. Once I use costumes more Shiek will likely be next.
Do I Crossplay?: Yes
State: New Jersey/Pennsylvania
City: Monmouth County/Philadelphia
If you have an account on any other cosplay sites, put the links here:

Any Comments On the sites?:
Still setting up my facebook, which will be exclusively for cosplay. Deviantart I don't get on much, but tumblr I'm on almost every day (check my tags page for stuff I like etc.)

Upcoming cons ?:
Definite: Star Wars Celebration VI, NYCC
Possibly: Katsucon, AnimeNEXT, Zenkaikon, Otakon
My college is also planning to have a convention so if that happens I will be at that because well...nothing better to do lol.
Current Costumes
Katniss [The Hunger Games] | Tifa [FFVII: Advent Children] | Oki [Okami] | Holo [Spice & Wolf] | Korra [Legend of Korra - S2] | Mandalorian [Star Wars]

2012 Conventions/Events
Star Wars Celebration VI
Star Wars Reads Day
Toys on the Hudson
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