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Shy and awkward
Join Date: Jan 2011
Posts: 39
Age: 24
Name: most people just call me Ninja or Persephone
Skin: White
Cosplay: Sophie (HMC), Sarah (Labyrinth), Riku (KH2 - Organization Coat), Harley Quinn (Old school Batman cartoon)
Possible Cosplay: I just kinda do what ever catches my fancy, since I'm a loner now.
Future Cosplay: Sora (KH2 - Valor)
Corsplay?: Yes
State: Colorado
City: You know, that one city.
Other accounts: deviantArt - Spiderbight
--I have a facebook, but I'm very selective about who is added, ask and hey... who knows--
Upcoming cons: Nan Desu Kan, here in Denver.
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