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If we couldn't have long conversations like this what would be the point of the thread? Most of our conversations are based on cosplay construction, suggestions, meet-ups/ gatherings, conventions and photoshoots all based in the San Diego and SoCal area. So how does that make it spam? There are threads bigger than this, and they do much of the same. I'm not sure what exactly you're meaning to express but just because even if it seems like it's just us the search for San Diego cosplayers doesn't just end suddenly. Posting the same thread at shortened intervals on the forum and remaking said thread when it 'gets big' is more like spam than what we are doing.

We have not gone off topic, nor have we just talked about our 'daily lives'. Part of the seeking cosplayers forum is to find people who have similar interests, cosplay similar things, and are in the same area. We are getting to know one another and are helping one another with cosplays and I fail to see how that makes this spam. Which is actually not how spam works. It has nothing to do with the size of the thread, especially since our purpose has not been fulfilled. It will continue to get bigger as long as we are here to fuel the thread and there is nothing wrong with that. Since when was there a page or size limit on threads?

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