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Originally Posted by Reily96 View Post
Ah yes, one more thing about making a harp/lyre, it will be heavy! Probably not something you want to carry around for long periods of time unless you genuinely don't mind the weight. The same goes for any other prop you make too, like the shield and Master Sword. Just remember, at the beginning of the day, something can feel like 5 lbs, but by the end of the day, you'd think you'd been hoisting around a boulder. ^^;
Aww ok~!! Well I'm kinda used to carrying a 7kg bag on my back... and I know that during the day (AHEM going to the sushi store around the corner from the venue, getting in the car... sitting down) I will take off my stuff...

The Lyre on the other hand... is actually something I'm making for my Goddess Zelda, even though I am Skyward Sword link, I'm gonna have an Ocarina of time in my front Adventure Pouch (nearly spelled adventure with an e!) or around my neck...
I'm sure that before I give it to her, I'll probably learn to play Sheiks theme and the Ballad on the goddess.

Originally Posted by HylianKnight View Post
I've made my props out of cardboard, so the best advice I could give on realism, is your paint job. It's less about the materials underneath, and more about the finish product that you see. If you're very good at weathering, or shading, it'll look great. Test out different paints, if money isn't an issue, automotive paint gives the best results, but you'll need proper equipment to use it. I just used acrylics.. because I'm poor.. haha

Proper ratio is important on the construction side of things. You want it to look good on you, not on someone else. So a little math may be needed... and look for as many reference pictures as possible to help see different angles & shapes.

As for attaching.. I haven't attempted it yet, but you'll probably need real leather, or something equally strong enough to support the weight of both props. How heavy you choose to make your sword an shield also matters on what you can use for support. Like if you choose to use wood, instead of cardboard, etc.
Ahh ok~!! So I guess the paint job seems to be the most important part!! Well... I'll just get some wood paint and paint it as soon as it is done!! I've found all my reference pictures and I've already nearly finished the Master Sword and Hylian shield.... but I just need t o know where to put the straps for my Scabbard

Well thank you everyone for helping me!! It's my first time MAKING my Cosplay so I wanna make it look AWESOME (awesomer than prussia)!! And thanks to you all you are helping make it awesome!




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