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Originally Posted by LinkPwnsGanon View Post
Dude... Honestly, you're one to talk. For the past few times that I've gone to the "seeking cosplayers" thread you are posting the same thing over and over again. Asking for cosplaying people to be your friend on Facebook and what not. I'd consider that more of a spam. You make the same thread twice, even three times a month!

And besides...this is a seeking thread for San Diego people. So, so what if we have long conversations about on topic stuff. I made it so then I can or other people can get together from San Diego. There are other San Diego people who eventually post in this thread as well. Other threads are like this as well, you don't see other people complaining about it being so long.

Tulipe: well said my friend and as for going back to our usual conversation I am totally up for meeting up with you guys on Wednesday! Even if it is to take pictures in our random cosplay xD
I do not make a thread every three months, that is a lie. I have not posted anything for months now, because i stoped posting anything at all, because nothing works to be honest when even finding friends for that matter. And the reason why i posted such things, most of the time is because i really wanted to find friend around this area, but to be honest nobody cared for my post so that is why i even bothered to keep trying. And when it comes to the bottom of it all, if you dont try you wont find anything. So i dont see nothing wrong with that as considering it to be spam at all. And i am well in the lines of seeking cosplayers, not seeking spam, because im actually trying to find a group of cosplayers. I am not even complaining towards your posts, just thought it was considered spam cuz well it was completely off topic of what was for this section of forums, everyone has a right to their own opinion of course, but to be honest no well reason to make a scene outta of it.

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