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If you have a problem with this thread, take it up with a forum administrator.

If you were looking for cosplay group/friends, why don't you contribute to the thread? Why instead would you say, this is spam and should be closed. That makes no sense to me if you are looking for friends. You say your posts don't work, well maybe that has something to do with you. I've met plenty of local people already and spent this entire past weekend hanging out with cosplayers that I just met.

Well back on topic -
@Link: Was fun seeing you again, nice to meet your sister too. What time did you stay till? I left cause I thought I was going to Oceanside bonfire but ending up driving to a party in Irvine lol...

In regards to the Gigacon - I might go for a bit if other people I know go, but ya, it's kinda random lol...I think a lot of people are trying to figure out rides to it.
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