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So, you're saying your threads are unsuccessful so you think a thread that IS successful should become spam and stop being active? That makes no sense at all. I'm also not sure you understand the definition of spam. You said yourself if you don't try you won't find anything, well we tried and we found something. All of us have been successful in finding cosplaying friends through this thread. It is active and ON TOPIC we are all San Diego cosplayers (or photographers) and we found one another through this thread. We keep this thread alive through small conversation that varies but in general still relates to BEING A SAN DIEGO COSPLAYER. Posting multiple threads with the same message of looking for someone IS spam, what we are doing is NOT. You are looking for people who cosplay in the San Diego area and that is what we are, had you of stayed you might have been able to find what you were looking for, instead you've insulted us and told us we shouldn't exist right now. By your logic should we then just make another thread that says the same thing? Because it's just going to continue to grow again and again.

I'm done. 8D Sorry Link, Jono, Ayaasan~

On the topic of Giga-con, I wasn't sure if that was something that was supposed to be super public or not. >_> I am familiar with some of the people 'running' it but it's waaaay too many people and eventually everyone is going to start disappearing in the crowd. It's basically just a giant gathering and that many people I don't know if I could handle it. x-x

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