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Originally Posted by threestories View Post
Haha, I also posted on the FB group - I think my friends and I are shooting for just socializing and snacking at 5:30 with the dinner folks and then lurking around afterwards for pictures. What are we doing at 7PM outside of High Velocity, pictures? We have a BSG party to get to later that we have to change costumes for, but that's not until later.
The idea is just to be in one spot so that EVERYONE has the chance to meet up for pictures! So yeah, I think 7:00 was what we were shooting for as picture time. I'm trying to figure out if I know any photographers who are going. I may have to sweet-talk one of my roommates into coming down and taking pics on my camera. Shouldn't be too hard, since they also watch the show.

Because the original idea was "meet at this time for dinner with pics to follow" and that was incredibly vague. So having an actual TIME (and people are always early/late at their leisure, anyway) seemed like a better plan for some people.


And now people seem to want to keep the original 5:30 meeting time and take photos FIRST and then all interested parties who want to do dinner can split off and do that!

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