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It appears someone dug this thread up and let it get struck by lightening. Oh well, here's a story;

A while ago I was browsing the YKTTW on TV Tropes (basically the part of the site where people get help writing pages). I had a brief argument over the title of a proto-trope and the correct definition of "secular"; one poster, let's just call them "Mittens" to protect the innocent, insisted that a secular society was one which "enforced atheism" (paraphrased) and no amount of citation could convince Mittens otherwise. After a while, the argument died down (the prototrope in question was later salvaged and launched).

Some time later, I once again encountered Mittens, this time soapboxing over how "it's apparently 'cool' to make fun of [faith]" (which one isn't relevant to this anecdote). For want of anything better to do, I wondered what Mittens did outside of the YKTTW on the wiki and (to no great surprise) found that they'd made a lot of edits on the religion related "Useful Notes" pages, nitpicking at how particular works of fiction resemble (or don't) [faith] and complaining that they didn't match up to their interpritation of [faith]. I didn't want to start another argument or get involved in an edit war, so I decided I was just paranoid and ignored them.

Last month someone brought it up, a few other people shared the same concerns and the mods suspended Mittens (on TVT a suspension is usually just to get someone's attention rather than a punishment). In the ensuing conversation with them it turned out that Mittens both tried to get around the suspension and did indeed have an agenda (or rather, went mysteriously quiet when asked to explain themselves), which lead to a permanent ban. The moral of the story; If you already know someone turns into an arse around a subject and you suspect that they're being an arse when the subject's at hand they are probably an arse.
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