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Originally Posted by jdp898989 View Post
From the video, it looks like it would be EXTREMELY difficult to make it open exactly like the game.
Now, if you do want to have it so the blade sort of swings open like that, you will need to make the blade in a couple pieces, and offset the weight at the ends of each part. Hopefully that makes sense.

If you just wanted to have it spring open, that switchblade idea or butterfly knife (I think those are the names) like DarkCloud and Penlowe mentioned look pretty promising.

If you want more help, ask here or PM me, and I'll see what I can do.
Apparently it is a switch blade, the part that swings open making it look like a butterfly knife is just the mechanism that holds the blade parts.

This means that it would be a spring mechanism rather then a swing, or hinge *facepalm* which doesn't make life easy.

By your idea of the weights.... he blade is split into 2 sections so it fits in the handle,, If I make the bottom section act just like a switch blade,,, then weight the tip section, do you think the momentum of the bottom part moving out could potentially be enough to push the tip out?

Would you happen to know somewhere that sells metal sheets that i could try and make the blade from. Wood makes the blade too thick.
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