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After DaeDrea posted that link to the models, i am hoping to do an Ezreal costume, more specifically, the frosted Ezreal skin. Having people get it wouldn't be a problem, since all my friends play lol, and i'm starting to when i can play on a friends computer (i'm a college freshmen going into graphic design, so a mac is the computer i was required). The only part of the costume i can't figure out, is how to make that symbol on his back glow. The gauntlet light shouldn't be a problem, i've got ideas for that, but i can't think of how to make the symbol. Would running el wire behind a thin fabric work? Does anyone have any experience making costumes with light effects? or should i just embroider/ paint the symbol on. the rest of the costume (aside from the gauntlet) doesn't look too challenging, so any advice would be appreciated .
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