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I, personally, don't have issues with otakon... so far. I had some problem with their pre-reg for the first time this year but that was all figured out at the last moment thanks to them keeping pre-reg open longer than they had originally planned. They are disorganized in large events, in my opinion; ie, 2 of my friends went to the Aya concert on Sunday and sat in the second row. Staff announced that the first couple rows get to get autographs then point out that the autograph is at the back of the room so the back rows ended up getting autographs and my friends weren't able to.

But besides that, my own experience with staff members have been pretty lenient since most, if not all, are volunteers and aren't paid through monetary means to man their stations. ie, i was picking up my badge on Thursday with a few friends but my friend could not find her ID! We were freaking out because you need a valid ID with name and a photo and we came from another state. It's finally our turn and she tells them she forgot her ID so they just ask her to verify the info that she put in; her name, address, DOB, etc. and they approved.
My friend was quite surprised because when she attended Nekocon, they were super strict and one of her friends had to drive 20 min back home for her ID -- i mean, good for her for living close by but what if she didnt?

another encounter was when I was in line for a panel and she got out of line for the bathroom. she went back to the staff member and told him and he just let her back in.... so... :P

also the security guards are third party help so otakon staff can't fully control the security's actions... but my experience with them are pretty nice. I offered some jelly I had but they couldn't accept out of policy :C I know they were a little strict but it was out of caution from what I overheard when I was near some important security people talking. because there's so many people and in baltimore especially, you have to be super careful @_@
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