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Name of Product: Cady, black
Where Purchased:Arda Wigs
Product Description: Short, messy lace-front wig
Pros: VERY thick, oh my goodness! The fibres were great to work with and styled well with just hairspray and teasing. It fit well on my head to the point where I barely noticed I had it on until I looked in a mirror. It all held up VERY well after a long night of dancing like an idiot, thanks also to a liberal use of bobby pins.
Cons: It was a bit expensive, but it was totally worth the price. This next point is directed more at Arda itself rather than the wig. I ordered mine on the 16th of July and told it was shipped out, but I never received any information other than that. It was well past the date when it should have arrived before I contacted them again. Their customer service is FANTASTIC, the person I talked to was very polite and reasonable, and it got shipped out soon after I talked to them. After that little roadbump, it got here quickly. So I guess a word of warning, buy from them early just in case something goes wrong!
Overall Rating: 10. This was a great purchase, and I would totally buy from them again!
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