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Originally Posted by Scorpion89 View Post
3rd As for AA they have very strict rules for many reason I suggest if you have a issue is to talk to the Senior Staff about it,also Otakorp like everyone else has to follow copyrights laws hece why certain things are enforced while other aren't. The 50/50 rules is their for a reason I suggest folks take it up with the Dept Chair to get a better understanding of it
The 50/50 rule would be fine if the staff themselves actually followed said rule. I was an artist assistant in the alley and witnessed the staff being belligerent to artists over this rule. If the rule states 50/50 original to fanart and a table can show they have that adhered to that ratio in good faith, staff shouldn't harass the artist and tell them that it doesn't matter what the website says, they want 60/40 or more. AA staff were also very rude in regards to assistants, who do have the AA ribbons on their badges, being behind their artist's table this year, which defeats the purpose of the assistant since it's sort of impossible to assist when you are not allowed to be behind the table. I ended up sitting on the floor next to my friend's table for the weekend because of this. When I was let in, by Otakon and security staff no less, Saturday morning right at 9am through the access elevator to the AA because I had bags and a suitcase of stuff for the table, I was greeted by a staffer snarling "Who let YOU in here?" at me like I had broken in and was given a death glare when I said the Otakon and security staff by the elevator.

I had never had any problem with Otakon staff for the entire 10 years I've been going before this year, and it was ridiculous that the AA staffers were power tripping on probably the least unruly part of the entire con. I certainly hope that the complaints from a lot of people in the AA will remove the parts of the staff that were the problem this year.
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