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Originally Posted by DespairedPheonix View Post
Maybe some day. but honestly the trip is too far for me. It's a lot of money for me, and it's not worth it anymore.
I originally wasn't going to go this year. Round-trip airfare from San Francisco to Baltimore cost $500+ and it's not worth paying that much in-addition to the $70 pre-reg. fee for your badge.

Thankfully when I got delayed coming home from San Diego Comic Con, the voucher I received was more than enough to pay for most of my Otakon airfare, so I used it. That blessing-in-disguise allowed me to go to Otakon and overall it was worth it.

Next year if airfare is around $500 (i know it could be cheaper earlier in the year, but I have other conventions to juggle first.) I probably won't return. With pre-reg fee, hotel, and food, the cost would be well over $700.00

Not to mention that next year D23 (Disney Expo) is happening the same weekend, and I can get really cheap airfare via SouthWest, plenty of cheaper hotels in the Disneyland area, Disneyland is right across the street, and the weather will be nicer. Only disadvantage to D23 is that it's not a Cosplay-oriented convention, so people mainly go to see the Exhibits, panels, and new stuff coming out (similar to BlizzCon) There won't be as-many cosplayers there (and it's almost all Disney cosplay) as-opposed to Otakon where there are much more cosplayers and I'd get a lot more pictures.

There's lots of time to decide, but overall costs will determine which convention I choose next year. I'd love to return to Otakon but to me it's not worth a $700+ trip for 4 days.
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