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Sorry it took so long to get back to you all on the questions, but I'm sure you know how insanely busy we all get this time of year!
The schedule for the contest and the shoot are not likely to change unless we are required to to be able to fit in something with one of our celebrity guests. As of now that hasn't happened, but we get some of those updates at the last minute just like the rest of you a lot of times!
As for the rules for the contest, there aren't really a lot. It needs to be something from a Joss Whedon show/movie/etc. (sorry, Jed, Zack, and Mo's stuff won't count!) and it shouldn't be completely pre-fab. If you show up wearing the Halloween Express version of Thor, you could still enter if you wanted to, but I wouldn't be expecting any prizes I always make sure our judges have costuming experience themselves and while over all appearance is the main criteria they judge by, there have been many instances that the final tie breaker between two costumes comes down to them looking at the fine details and taking things like screen accuracy and skill into account. You guys always impress us and I'm sure you'll continue to this year!
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