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Originally Posted by Megumi_Ai View Post
What are the easiest Robes or gear to make ?
This question is relative to your skill set. For me, almost any robe is difficult because I only hand-sew, and hand-sewing an entire garment can take forever. Others are really great with a sewing machine. Think about what tools and experience you have and pick something based on that. Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by Kreyaloran View Post
I am very new to Cosplay, and this is the first thing I'll be doing. I want to do the Battlegear of Might warrior set, but im not sure where to start. Also, I have little to no budget, so the easiest things that still look nice would be well appreciated. So if maybe someone could message me ideas, or help, thatd be great. , there's a picture for anyone who's curious as to looks thanks for any help
In general, for a first cosplay, the set you picked out would be very difficult. Not impossible, there are many tutorials out there (even on this site) for making armor, most of them completely do-able by a new person. But especially with little/no budget, you might want to scale down the type of costume you want to make. The advice I gave above in this post also applies to you.
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