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From what I can tell, every con has horror stories. It's a large number of people gathering on one relatively small area, it's going to happen.

Otakon is just has 32k people. In Baltimore.

It's like reviews for products online, people are more likely to go out of their way to complain and give something a low rating than to get on raving about how awesome it was. The complaints are easier to recall, and they almost always end up spreading into these legendary horror stories even though maybe THREE people were involved total.

All in all, I always enjoy Otakon. I've only been twice, once in 2009 and again this year, but I show up prepared with my confirmation email, ID, and plenty of fluids (and money for food and MORE fluids) so that I don't die/get sick in the event of wretched heat and humidity (it's Baltimore, I can't say that enough).

While next year (the 20th anniversary) may be my boyfriend and I's last year at the convention, it's not the con's fault. We're just both more into games and cartoons being pushed out by US producers nowadays, and keeping relevant on anime and Japanese releases is getting tiring.
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