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For mine, I'm actually going to be rigging a sort of wrap around belt with Rarity's diamonds and putting it around my waist, having the diamonds towards my left. Is it accurate to the location on the character? Not really, but aesthetically, it'll be more attractive to have it on my plain white waist than my very gathered skirt that will also have a layer of gathered chiffon over it. For my tail, I'm not really trying for one. I'm giving the impression of a tail by adding a stream of purple tulle to my bustle.

Even so, most of us who do Mlp cosplays do gijinka versions. Because we're doing human representations of the characters, the cutie marks can be wherever we see fit on our outfits because cutie marks don't occur naturally on humans (same thing with tails - you really don't need to add one if you don't feel like it). In short, the cutie mark, in any form you see fit, can go wherever you feel like it will look best in your ensemble. :3

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