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Sencha Fall Gathering [Santa Clara, CA]


Welcome to the cosplay(dot)com event page for Sencha Productions' fall gathering, I'm Olivine, one of the members of Sencha, here to give you all of the information about the gathering.

DATE: October 3rd, 2012
TIME: 12PM to 4PM
LOCATION: Message me personally or check the FB event!
THEME: Tokyo Mew Mew
- Absolutely no drugs, alcohol, or real weapons will be allowed into the café.
- Do not attend this event drunk or high, we want to maintain a sober environment.
- Do not physically or verbally harass any attendees or staff, we will be forced to kick you out and possibly even permanently ban you from future gatherings if you do so!
- Have fun and let us know if anything is preventing you from doing so!
- Please, if you can, reserve a table for your party by messaging me (w/ your name and # of people) or it will be first come first serve!

- Live performances
- Maid mini-games
- Raffle

Anyone is welcome to attend, invite your friends if you'd like to! COSPLAY IS ENCOURAGED! Also, this WILL be located at a members residency so please keep this in mind in case you are uncomfortable with this! It will be in the back-yard and we will have butlers to take you to the back when you arrive!

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