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I've been going for 10 years.

I am actively involved in the Hall Cosplay Contest, Masquerade, Panels/Workshops, and Artist Alley. I attend other events like the AMVS, concerts, other panels. I visit the Dealers Room, Video Game Room, Photo booth. I cosplay around the con, meet people, catch up with old friends. Weather is always the same, check the TV/internet/phone. It's hot, duh lol. Bring water and an umbrella. That's just common sense. I show and where my badge the entire con.... because I am told to.

I've never has issues with any of the said things above. I follow the rules and I don't expect perfection. I'm sure issues arise. Be an adult and alert the dept head. Really, it's that easy.

So why do I go? Why the hell not? It's a large anime con, I expect thousands upon thousands of people. That is thousands upon thousands of potential friends!
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